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Curaçao…..a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean Sea.
A tropical island with beautiful beaches and a wonderful place to spend a holiday. Enjoying the striking image of the colored houses in Willemstad, the Christoffel Park. And the well-known flamingos at St Willibrordus.
Curaçao… when you hear this name you do not immediately think of poverty, but unfortunately this is a reality.
Many families live in bad conditions. Usually hidden behind closed doors, because of shame towards those who are well off. A lot of hidden suffering that in many cases children are the victims of.
Curaçao has had a high unemployment rate for years, as a result of which a large number of people live below the subsistence minimum. In recent years, corona and the necessary lockdowns have certainly not improved this.


Who are we?

Stichting Vrienden van Siloam bestaat uit een aantal mensen die het werk van stichting Siloam Curaçao een warm hart toedraagt. We promoten en ondersteunen deze stichting door middel van fondswerving vanuit Nederland. Met het geld wordt één op één hulp verstrekt aan kansarme kinderen en mensen en gezinnen die leven in armoede.


Robert and Durkje de Vries work on a beautiful site near Soto. Together with their team they take care of all the work of the Siloam foundation – Website Siloam Curacao
The purpose of the Siloam Curaçao Foundation and the Friends of Siloam Foundation originates from a joint mission, namely that every person has the right to a dignified existence.


We are convinced that word and deed go hand in hand. That is why the love and grace of God is carried out not only with the mouth but also with the hands and feet. This happens in different ways.

Siloam Curacao offers children a family replacement home in a small-scale housing. Sometimes these children are terminally or chronically ill, but there are also children who cannot live at home for various reasons.

In addition to caring for physical well-being, Robert and Durkje raise the children entrusted to them with Biblical norms and values, in which love, protection and security are central. With this they hope to lay a healthy foundation that, in the broadest sense of the word and where possible, can help them on their way.
to adulthood.

They also provide assistance to families living in poverty. With great dedication, simplicity and service they provide them with care in the form of food, love and attention. In this way they contribute to a more dignified existence for this group of people.

The Friends of Siloam Foundation supports this important work from the Netherlands. Here we lay the foundation for relationships that want to support the work financially, including companies, churches and also private donors.
We work from the foundation on a voluntary basis and not for profit.

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